SP Tiny Bao-bao Nong Sao
female, neutered
Born 14.10.2004
Sire: EC,EP Catfever's Anjing-Fen
Dame: CH Primprau's Wai Ja Wun Jai
Breeder:Tomi Pahkala


Sirkka is our own little washing machine, who takes care of her own and Lila's coat.
Also Mika's hair is washed by Sirkka every now and then.

Every morning Sirkka is greeting us as we had been away for a very long time;
probably even our neghbours can hear the purr. Sirkka loves to sleep inside Hanna's bathrope
while reading the newspaper in the morning.

Sirkka's batteries are always full. Chasing cat-toys is the best thing she knows, despite
the awfully smelly fishtreats. Sirkka has always lots to say and to emphasize her words she
stares you straight in your eyes. Sirkka loves to play with Lila's kittens and look
after them.

Sirkka is convinced that there is something interesting behind every hanging picture and
drives Hanna almost crazy by touching them. Only one painting has come down so far....

Sirkka has done well in cat shows. In Maastricht's World Show 2006 she was nominated
by Judge Marianne Roth.